Johann Kaspar Bluntschli

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Johann Kaspar Bluntschli
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Bluntschli, Johann Kaspar


Born 1808; died 1881. Swiss jurist. Specialist on state and international law as well as the history of law. Bluntschli was a representative of the organic school of law. His major work is Modern International Law of Civilized Nations (1868; Russian translation, 1876).

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Shaw situated the play in the Serbo-Bulgarian war of 1885, with a Swiss mercenary soldier Captain Bluntschli as the hero.
johann kaspar bluntschli, LE DROIT INTERNATIONAL CODIFIE
(129) Pour un exemple frappant, voir JC Bluntschli, << Arische Volker und arische Rechte >> dans JC Bluntschli, Gesammelte kleine Schriften, 11, Nordlingen, Beck'schen Buchhandlung, 1879, 63.
Bluntschli conclui que o Estado e a encarnacao e personificacao do poder da nacao, em sua majestade e forca supremas, razao pela qual a soberania implica em (1) independencia de todo outro Estado, (2) a dignidade publica suprema, a majestade nos termos da expressao romana, (3) plenitude do poder publico, (4) o poder mais alto do Estado, (5) a unidade, condicao necessaria para todo bom organismo.
The soulless mercenary of war, Bluntschli, declares with no-nonsense efficiency that he's fine with being challenged to a duel, except that he will carry his machine gun to face Sergius's sword.
That 'chocolate cream soldier' is Captain Bluntschli, magnificently played by Daniel Hawksford as a sensible, down to earth but effortlessly charismatic professional soldier who knows when to fight and when to flee.
Un escritor suizo de vanguardia, apellidado Bluntschli, lleva a cabo en este relato una proeza escenica similar--aunque bastante menos dramatica--a la del irlandes James Alexander Nolan.
Bluntschli represents reality while Sergius stands for illusion.