Johann Kaspar Bluntschli

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Johann Kaspar Bluntschli

Bluntschli, Johann Kaspar


Born 1808; died 1881. Swiss jurist. Specialist on state and international law as well as the history of law. Bluntschli was a representative of the organic school of law. His major work is Modern International Law of Civilized Nations (1868; Russian translation, 1876).

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That 'chocolate cream soldier' is Captain Bluntschli, magnificently played by Daniel Hawksford as a sensible, down to earth but effortlessly charismatic professional soldier who knows when to fight and when to flee.
98) The ideas advanced by Heffter and Bluntschli were followed by Alfred Verdross, a member of the ILC when the body adopted the draft of the Vienna Convention on the Law of Treaties in 1966.
Perth practitioners Maniisha Bluntschli and Kim Page met Geelong therapists Janine Castle and Melinda Kraus in southern Rajasthan for an intensive preliminary visit in April this year.
Ses sources sont nombreuses : outre les philosophes classiques comme Rousseau, Kant et Fichte, Fouillee a frequente l'oeuvre de philosophes contemporains comme Spencer (42), Espinas (43) et Taine (44), de juristes comme Bluntschli (45) et Sumner Maine (46), de philologues comme Renan (47) et Littre (48), de scientifiques comme Bernard (49) et Huxley (50), dont il cite et commente les ecrits.
Bluntschli and Major Sergius Saranoff, and in Mikael Salazar and Mark Deakins, director Michael Murray has a pair of aces.
of Gervinus in literature, of Schlosser and Hausser in history, of Bluntschli in international law, of Rothe in theology, of Zeller and Fischer in philosophy.
More Shaw onstage, with this one about a spoiled young woman who meets her match in pragmatic Swiss soldier Bluntschli, April 14-May 2, in the FSU/Asolo Conservatory's Cook Theatre.
Elsewhere in the cast, Barnaby Kay as Bluntschli - Raina's Cream Chocolate Soldier - and Sam Callis as her buffoon of a finance give particularly fine performances, relishing in having some of the best moments and the funniest lines.
Of course her betrothed comes back from the war after a supposedly gallant cavalry charge which the new love of her life Bluntschli, played brilliantly by Barnaby Kay, describes as a fluke.
Bluntschli, The Theory of the State (Oxford: 1885), p.
It seems however to have been Gorres who gave the Swiss-born sociologist Johann Kaspar Bluntschli the idea of making the body-state analogy a key feature of his account of the modern state.
Nemesis comes in the form of Daniel Hawksford's urbane Captain Bluntschli who believes that "nine out of ten soldiers are born fools, and that "free citizen" is the highest title that can be bestowed upon a person.