vinca minor

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A very powerful vasodilator for the brain so it helps increase blood flow to the brain more efficiently than any other herb known. Increases ATP in the brain which helps cells to function properly- one of the best memory boosters out there, also helps prevent stroke damage, post stroke. Periwinkle is used for circulation, cardiovascular disorders, increasing the use of glucose and oxygen by the brain, memory impairment, motor disorders, inner ear imbalance and hearing loss. Improves vision in 70% of subjects tested. Flowers are edible. Periwinkle made into a tea or salve for external use treats skin problems such as dermatitis, eczema, and acne. Couples use it to treat infections (vaginal douche, penis soak). Used as astringent both internally and externally to stop bleeding, nosebleeds, menstrual, hemorrhaging. Used as mouthwash to treat gingivitis, mouth ulcers. Root is antispasmodic. Note- rare occurrences of dry mouth and heart palpitations. Don't take by itself because it is very constipating, dries up the tissues, so it's good to be blended in with other herbs
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