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see Muhammad XIMuhammad XI,
d. 1538, last sultan of Granada in Spain (1482–92); also called Boabdil by the Spanish. He seized the throne from his father and thus plunged Granada into civil war at the time the Castilians were beginning their attack on the kingdom.
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Twelve prisoners have also written books and novels, Capt Al Boabdil revealed.
Though Boabdil ruled the last Moorish stronghold for only ten years, it was a truly eventful decade.
Une prose qui fait appel aux sortileges de la derniere forteresse conquise par les Castillans, ses jardins, sa musique, ses princes, et- bien evidemment Abou Abdallah (Boabdil) qui n'a pas su defendre son pays dont il a pleure la perte.
Por ello, hace recaer toda la sabiduria sobre Boabdil y su corte, reduciendo considerablemente la poseida por Colon y restandole importancia.
"The Moorish king, Abu Abdallah (also known as Boabdil), finally surrendered," recounts Jan Carew.
Nonetheless, the treatise's very specific details about extravagant court dress (especially among women) would have been irrelevant to most of Granada's Muslim population after 1492: almost all of the kingdom's Muslim nobles had fled the peninsula in late 1493 with Boabdil (Coleman 38-39; Elliott 50; Garrido Aranda 105); few of its remaining inhabitants (most from rural areas) would have had any experience with the courtly fashions that Talavera censures.