Boat Race Day

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Boat Race Day (Okinawa, Japan)

May; 14th day of fifth lunar month
On Okinawa, the largest of the Ryukyu Islands southwest of Japan, the 14th day of the fifth month is both a religious festival and a sporting event. In Minatogawa, for example, this is the Festival of the Gods of the Sea . The villagers first go to the religious sites to make offerings and pray, and then they attend the boat races held in the estuary of the river. In Taira, it is the day on which fishing canoes from Taira race against competitors from the neighboring village of Kawata.
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FolkWrldHol-1999, p. 376

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Boat Race Day (Thames River)
Late March or early April
This is the annual rowing race between the Oxford and Cambridge University "eights" (as the crews of the eight-oared rowing shells are called) that takes place on the Thames River in England. The race is scheduled to be held on a day when there's an incoming spring tide, which usually occurs in late March or early April. Beginning in Putney and ending four-and-a-half miles downriver at Mortlake, the race attracts large crowds of spectators—many of whom are hoping for the drama of an unexpected capsizing.
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DictDays-1988, p. 14
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