Bobretskii, Nikolai

Bobretskii, Nikolai Vasil’evich


Born 1843, in the village of Troianka, Balta District, Podol’sk Province; died 1907. Russian zoologist. Graduated from the University of Kiev. Professor there after 1877.

Bobretskii’s principal works are on the embryology of crustacea (1872–77), insects (1878), cephalopod shellfish (1877), and other invertebrates, as well as on the anatomy and taxonomy of annelid worms. Bobretskii’s textbook Foundations of Zoology (vols. 1–3; 1884–91) contains detailed description of various groups of animals.


Sovinskii, B. K. Pamiati Nikolaia Vasil’evicha Bobretskogo. Kiev, 1909.