Bobrinskii, Nikolai

Bobrinskii, Nikolai Alekseevich


Born Mar. 30 (Apr. 11), 1890, in Moscow; died there Dec. 28,1964. Soviet zoologist. Student of M. A. Menzbir. Professor (since 1934). Belongs to the Bobrinskii family.

Bobrinskii studied at Moscow State University (1922–48), the University of Tashkent (1920–22 and 1934–37), and the Moscow Oblast Pedagogical Institute (1944–60). He worked in the Darwin Museum in Moscow. Bobrinskii’s basic works are on fauna of the USSR and zoogeography. He wrote a textbook on zoology.


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Geografiia zhivotnykh: Kurs zoogeografii, 2nd ed. Moscow, 1961.
Zhivotnyi mir i priroda SSSR, 3rd ed. Moscow, 1967.
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