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, Ger. Tetschen, city (1991 pop. 54,341), Czech Republic, in Bohemia, on the Elbe. It includes (since 1950) the city of Podmokly (Ger. Bodenbach), which is on the left bank of the Elbe.
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, Czech Republic.
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the services to be awarded include the following lines: 507 daun-nerdlen-sarmersbach-kradenbach-beinhausen-kelberg-hhnerbach-reimerath-welcherath-brcktal-kirsbach-drees-nitz; 508 kttelbach - kelberg - zermllen - rothenbach - meisenthal - mllenbach (near adenau); 509 kelberg - boxberg - gelenberg - bodenbach - borler - bongard; 510 ulmen - schnbach - utzerath - darscheid - daun (until 12.
The Magna is their third Country Coach, and Dex Bodenbach said he wouldn't buy another brand.
Bodenbach said he didn't hesitate to buy a coach built by a company on the brink of failure, even though he had to buy a third-party warranty through Guaranty.
1914, Geologisch-petrographische Untersuchungen im Gebiet der Erzgebirgsbruchzone westlich Bodenbach.