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Bodleian Library

(bŏd`lēən, bŏdlē`ən), at the Univ. of Oxford. The original library, destroyed in the reign of Edward VI, was replaced in 1602, chiefly through the efforts of Sir Thomas BodleyBodley, Sir Thomas,
1545–1613, English scholar and diplomat, organizer of the Bodleian Library at Oxford. He was a Greek scholar and teacher at Oxford, and in 1584 he was elected to Parliament.
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, who gave it valuable collections of books and manuscripts and in his will left a fund for maintenance. The library has one of the great collections of English books, including a major Shakespearean section; its extensive manuscript collection is especially rich in biblical and Arabic material. A new building for the library was opened in 1946. The Bodleian also maintains OLIS, the Oxford Libraries Information System, Oxford's online union library catalog, which contains records of the books, periodicals, and other items held by libraries within or associated with the university.


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It is a facsimile of the Bodleian Library copy that has been published with its original anonymous preface and a new introduction by Mr Tattersfield who can finally give credit to Thomas Bewick for his original woodblock engravings.
In 1984 David Pingree completed the description of the jyotihsastra manuscripts in the first volume of the catalogue of the Chandra Shum Shere collection at the Bodleian Library.
King's edition of the works of Anne Askew includes an introduction and facsimiles of the two Bodleian copies of Askew's First examinacyon and lattre examinacyon (STC 848, 850), upon which Beilin's Oxford text is based.
Mike Heneghan, Geac's General Manager for the UK commented, "Apart from the historical importance of the Bodleian Library which dates back to the 16th Century, it is one of the few internationally renowned libraries of the world and is by far the largest academic library system in the UK.
Rose-Innes was presented with the prize at a ceremony in the Oxford University's Bodleian Library on 7 July.
The original manuscripts from Tolkien's The Lord Of The Rings and The Hobbit, will be shown to the public on a permanent basis, at the Bodleian Library at Oxford University.
1602: The Bodleian Library at Oxford University opened to the public 1847: Dracula creator Bram Stoker was born in Dublin.
Help was given by experts at Kew Gardens, Oxford's Bodleian Library and Bradford University.
Oxford University's Bodleian Library has been awarded pounds 3million by the National Heritage Memorial Fund to buy the Abinger Papers archive.
B JOHN Llanelli Essential history# SIR - There is no need for readers of your newspaper who would like to read about the remarkable remedies of the physicians of Myddfai to consult the red book of Hergest which is currently in the Bodleian Library in Oxford.
The coverage of medical texts is as good as present knowledge permits and the omission of legal documents from the survey is perfectly justified, given the bulk and complexity of the material, though it is worth drawing attention to versified law texts, such as the versified Statutes of Gloucester (1278) in Oxford, Bodleian Library, MS Douce 139 (c.
Marcia Sa Cavalcante Schuback provides two commentaries, and the volume concludes with a lengthy chapter by Erika Kihlman offering a step-by-step commentary on a treatise in the Bodleian (Auct.