Body Image

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Body Image


the reflection of one’s own body in one’s consciousness, including the outline, dimensions, and boundaries of the body and the relative position of its parts as well as clothing, footwear, habitual articles and tools, prostheses, and the like. A body image is continuously being developed and altered in the course of one’s life.

The concept of body image is used in the study of various mental disturbances—such as depersonalization, impaired perception of right and left, nonrecognition of the parts of one’s body or the sense of their being spatially estranged, the phenomenon of phantom limbs, and the fantasy of a “double”—for purposes of topical diagnosis (for example, of a lesion in the right parietal region) as well as to solve practical problems in prosthetics. In aviation and aerospace psychology the concept of body image is applied to problems of spatial orientation (as in the system man-spacecraft-surrounding space, for example, or illusions regarding spatial location).


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(7) One could presume that poor sleep habits and sleep quality could negatively affect the body image perception component of mental health.
"We were able to show that spending more time each day on those social networking sites that are often used to post images of oneself, and for comparison with others, is linked to having an unhealthy relationship both with body image and potentially exercise as well," Graff said in a statement.
KEY WORDS: Body image, qualitative, women, romantic relationship, sexual well-being
Doran said her interest in the intersection of body image and fashion began in middle school, hearing and taking part in discussions around body images portrayed in fashion magazines that set unrealistic expectations for girls who are growing into their bodies and selves.