quarter panel

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1. A small timber used as an upright stud in partitions to which the laths are nailed.
2. A square panel.
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And this is no cosmetic job either - virtually every body panel has been modified, along with performance-enhanced mechanicals courtesy of Banbury-based Prodrive.
With the installation of these measuring systems, the company has not only been able to increase body panel and body-in-white inspection throughput, but it has also developed a useful database for process control and reduced gaging costs as well.
Preforms can then be cut and draped like conventional prepreg woven fabrics, with the added advantage that body panel manufacturers have only one layer to drape.
The new project is set to commence in the Q4 of 2015 and includes industrial production of exterior Class-A carbon fiber body panel parts using Gurit's existing an open-mold manual process and its new proprietary and patented advanced press technology, which is a results of Gurit s continuous research and close collaboration with leading car manufacturers.
will stop manufacturing body panel parts for Airbus SAS A321 small passenger planes at the end of March next year when its current contract with the European aircraft company ends, a Kawasaki Heavy public relations official said Thursday.
The process starts when the automaker sends CAD-developed body panel geometry to the die manufacturer in Initial Graphics Exchange Specification (IGES) format.
Polyurea RIM systems, adapted from body panel technology, provide these same desirable characteristics and additionally offer the potential for self-release unassisted by external mold release agents.
Forecast the market uptake of advanced automotive body panel materials and establish the latest trends in this sector to help save weight and improve fuel efficiency, with this brand new report from just-auto.
Nasdaq: WTHG) today announced plans to expand its presence in the aftermarket body panel industry with the construction of a new stamping facility in Clyde, Ohio.
Furthermore, the die design process cannot begin until the die engineering is complete, and die engineering does not start until the body panel design has stabilized.
Patented recently is a disposable absorbent garment which includes a front body panel having a first waist edge and a first crotch edge defining a first lobe having a first profile in plan view that extends outwardly relative to the first waist edge.