quarter panel

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1. A small timber used as an upright stud in partitions to which the laths are nailed.
2. A square panel.
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M2 PRESSWIRE-August 20, 2019-: Automotive Active Body Panel Market 2019 Global Analysis, Trends, Size, Share, Growth, Trends, Segments, Regional And Industry Forecast To 2023
PC Willis also found the driver had no insurance and only a provisional licence, six people were being carried in the car which is designed for five, the battery was insecure, the windscreen was cracked, a body panel was found to be dangerous, and the car was untaxed.
The antennas mount into an aperture opening in a vehicle's body panel -- typically the roof area or rear deck -- and are covered by a waterproof, non-conductive radome.
Place one denim body panel right side up on a work surface.
Air India Body panel falls off Boeing 787 Dreamliner in flight.
For Vanshack, Flamespraying zinc onto a peppered body panel is a revolutionary way of restoring and protecting original panels, to 'conserve the original'.
will stop manufacturing body panel parts for Airbus SAS A321 small passenger planes at the end of March next year when its current contract with the European aircraft company ends, a Kawasaki Heavy public relations official said Thursday.
GE Plastics, based in Pittsfield, Mass., said the polymer is new to the company's portfolio--not part of its existing Noryl polyphenylene ether resin family, which is often specified in automotive body panel and exterior trim components.
With the installation of these measuring systems, the company has not only been able to increase body panel and body-in-white inspection throughput, but it has also developed a useful database for process control and reduced gaging costs as well.
The grizzly pawprint has since become associated with the brand, and is prominently displayed on the front body panel, a brewery spokesperson reported.
And this is no cosmetic job either - virtually every body panel has been modified, along with performance-enhanced mechanicals courtesy of Banbury-based Prodrive.
GE is working towards another combination that would feature their film over the top of a material that will meet the requirements for a horizontal body panel. It is not available yet.