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(1) An operation in forging and stamping carried out on presses and hammers to produce a hole or depression in an item by pressing a solid or hollow piercing tool or punch into the item. Piercing may also be used in preparation for subsequent hole expansion or broaching of billets on a mandrel and for preliminary marking of a through hole to be produced by subsequent punching.

(2) An operation performed with dies using a sharp-edged punch to remove the inner burr remaining in stamped objects after marking a through hole on them.

(3) An operation in the production of seamless pipe carried out on presses using a piercing tool or on piercing mills using a mandrel to obtain hollow tubing from ingots or billets.

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Even in the presence of the identified health risks, the body piercing and tattooing industry remains relatively unregulated by most states (Braithwaite, Stephens, Sterk, & Braithwaite, 1999).
There was a total of 199 body piercings among the 32 respondents in the pilot study.
Tattoos and body piercings as indicators of adolescent risk-taking behaviors.
Brand new, surgical steel earrings should be used in body piercing.
Thus, it is not possible to definitively say that HIV has or has not been transmitted via tattooing and body piercing in prison.
Any policy regarding body piercing would need to remember that body art and piecing are important parts of some cultures.
As the only tattoo shop in California certifying its jewelry contains no harmful metals, the Department of Toxic Substances Control recently based a statewide media event at Zebra to make the public aware of the new California law banning lead in body piercing jewelry sold in the State.
Through news, video and radio Michael has recently been encouraging people to Vitalize Their Body Energy by wearing his Revolutionary line of Quantum Vibrational Body Piercing Jewelry using the Hidden Harmonic Codes of the Universe and the 7 Energy Centers of the Body.
They also said that from cosmetics to jewellery, body piercing to tattoos, allergies could lurk in unlikely places.
The British Medical Journal study found one in 10 people - and nearly half of all younger women - have a body piercing other than on the earlobe.
8 /PRNewswire/ -- On Sunday, September 11, 2005, Atomic Tattoos and Body Piercing and an alliance of Tattoo Studios nationwide will be donating all proceeds from tattoos and body piercing to the American Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund.
However aesthetically pleasing the result, tattooing and body piercing remain self-mutilation.