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What does it mean when you dream about a pillow?

Pillows are obvious symbols of sleep and/or of comfort. In a dream, perhaps we are feeling comfortable or, alternatively, we want to feel comfortable. Also note associations with the expression “pillow talk.”

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A body pillow not only keeps your muscles an d join ts properly aligned as you snooze, but also makes sleeping on your side (which helps stop snoring ) way more comfortable.
Uttecht sleeps with a long body pillow just to prevent himself from rolling over and sleeping on his stomach.
What they wanted to buy for the sensory room was a spacecraft made from an interactive fibre-optic carpet, a sound activated Catherine wheel, a vibroacoustic body pillow and a cube chair.
A vibro-acoustic body pillow also moulds to the shape of children and sends out vibrations, soothes muscles and stimulates circulation.
Comfort and support with a duck feather body pillow
It is a body pillow for felines and they love to kick the heck out of it.
The fabric remnants from every body pillow are made into soft baby beanies and are donated to one of our trusted charitable partners, Stitches From The Heart and The Hope Venture, to reach newborns throughout the US, India and Africa.
The new hotel room features sound proofing on walls to absorb the loud frequencies, a special sound absorbing head board, an anti-snoring bed wedge which acts as a body pillow, an anti-snoring pillow which uses magnets and a white noise machine which is proven to help drown out the droning snoring noise and help sleep and relaxation, reports Fox News.
In addition to the square, tubular and heart-shaped Light-Up Pillows and the Light-Up Plush Toy line, Cepia also offers a Light-Up Bean Bag and Light-Up Body Pillow. Soon there will be monkeys, butterflies, sunflowers and more.
In this hysterical tribute to world travel Johnston takes his readers on an absurd roller coaster ride through forty-three countries, eleven grueling treks, ten overnight boat trips and one confusing encounter with a body pillow shaped like a giant lake trout.
This summer, the company introduced a charcoal-infused, antimicrobial foam pillow, a gel-coated pillow for coolness and a memory foam Body Pillow designed to keep the spine aligned for people who sleep on their sides.
The boy's room is styled in blue, with sheet sets for $14.99, comforters for $29.99 and a body pillow for $9.99.