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The sense of position and movement of the limbs and the sense of muscular tension. The awareness of the orientation of the body in space and the direction, extent, and rate of movement of the limbs depend in part upon information derived from sensory receptors in the joints, tendons, and muscles. Information from these receptors, called proprioceptors, is normally integrated with that arising from vestibular receptors (which signal gravitational acceleration and changes in velocity of movements of the head), as well as from visual, auditory, and tactile receptors. Sensory information from certain proprioceptors, particularly those in muscles and tendons, need not reach consciousness, but can be used by the motor system as feedback to guide postural adjustments and control of well-practiced or semiautomatic movements such as those involved in walking.

Receptors for proprioception are the endings of peripheral nerve fibers within the capsule or ligaments of the joints or within muscle. These endings are associated with specialized end organs such as Pacinian corpuscles, Ruffini's cylinders, and Golgi organs (the latter resembling histologic Golgi structures in the skin), and muscle spindles. See Cutaneous sensation, Sensation, Somesthesis


The reception of internal stimuli.
Sensory awareness of one's location with regard to the external environment.
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Body position refers to the setter's positioning just prior to, during, and following contact with the ball.
My high school coach once said, "If you view a catcher from the side and his body position looks like a 'C', that means he is in the correct position to block.
The Limb Movement and Body Position modules are about the size of a small wrist watch and are worn by the patient.
Weber began competing in local swim meets at age 8, but his passion for the sport did not evolve until age 14, when he began to learn its finer aspects: body position in the water, stroke tempo and energy conservation.
One of only a handful of studies conducted on in-line skating, it looks at the cardiovascular fitness value of in-line skating and the effect of speed and body position on oxygen consumption.
These functional exercises work not only on strength, but also focus on improving the balance and body position awareness that can help prevent injury.
During the pony skills class, six riders under the age of 10 practiced their body position as their horses trotted around the arena.
The sensors in the medical bed detect movement and body position on the surface of the air chambers in the mattress.
With white patients they had a high use of smile and gaze, but a low use of open body position.
Several factors in the game dictate a covering player's position, including the pressuring defender's body position, angle, and speed of closing down; the distance of pressure; the body language of the player on the ball; and the desired play in a particular third of the field.
Most people, especially recreational riders, don't take into account the complete body position,'' said Ferrel, a former road racer and cycling enthusiast for more than 30 years.
The S3 addresses and lends instant relief to fatigue and poor spine alignment associated with unnatural body position at the computer.