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The sense of position and movement of the limbs and the sense of muscular tension. The awareness of the orientation of the body in space and the direction, extent, and rate of movement of the limbs depend in part upon information derived from sensory receptors in the joints, tendons, and muscles. Information from these receptors, called proprioceptors, is normally integrated with that arising from vestibular receptors (which signal gravitational acceleration and changes in velocity of movements of the head), as well as from visual, auditory, and tactile receptors. Sensory information from certain proprioceptors, particularly those in muscles and tendons, need not reach consciousness, but can be used by the motor system as feedback to guide postural adjustments and control of well-practiced or semiautomatic movements such as those involved in walking.

Receptors for proprioception are the endings of peripheral nerve fibers within the capsule or ligaments of the joints or within muscle. These endings are associated with specialized end organs such as Pacinian corpuscles, Ruffini's cylinders, and Golgi organs (the latter resembling histologic Golgi structures in the skin), and muscle spindles. See Cutaneous sensation, Sensation, Somesthesis


The reception of internal stimuli.
Sensory awareness of one's location with regard to the external environment.
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Two-way analysis of variance (ANOVA) examined the main effects of combat and body position in break and their interaction on physiological parameters.
268) were found between the PAtracker and daily PA log for body position and type of PA (Table 2).
Keeping balance of the body position is achieved through prolonging the tensed muscles, and increasing the stiffness of the balance muscles (Norees, 2008) Balance' muscles tend to be deep inside the body and keep body position, such as the deep abdominal muscles and the hip muscles.
In 2004, Fan conducted a systematic review to evaluate existing evidence for the effects of head or body position on ICP and CPP.
Subjects were randomly allocated to one of three equally sized groups relating to the order in which each group performed HRV measurements in different body position (seated, supine, supine with elevated legs).
kinetic and rotating beds for patients who are severely ill have reported benefits of extreme body position changes.
In addition, the added factor of vertical body position (the proportion of the organism exposed above the substrate) in soft-sediment habitats has not been examined.
Mohun's session began out of this equipment, however, as students stood in the snow and worked on balance and body position.
the body position of the restrained individual during transport.
Friday Before the conditionals are debriefed, there's another session of schooling, highlighting body position over jumps.
Solution: Streamline your body position by keeping your head back and your hips pushed up.
The veteran midfielder was on the spot in the 83rd minute to nod home Gavin Swankie's pinpoint cross and said: 'Gavin picked up a pass on the right and I knew from his body position he was going to cross into the middle of the box.