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AlO(OH) Gray, brown, or red orthorhombic mineral that is a major constituent of some bauxites.
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(named after the 20th-century German mineralogist J. Böhm), a mineral with the composition AlOOH. It crystallizes into a rhombic system, forming fine, plastic crystalline particles. It is colorless and transparent. Its hardness on the mineralogical scale is 3.5, and its density is 3,020–3,060 kg/m3 Rarely found in pure form, boehmite usually occurs with other aluminum hydroxides in bauxite compositions.

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The second endothermic peak, at 504 [degrees]C in the DSC curve, accounted for approximately 10% of the weight loss in the TG curve and was attributed to boehmite dehydraoxylation.
In general, the surface of APA is considered to be amorphous [Al.sub.2][O.sub.3] [30], which changes to a boehmite layer as a result of the treatment of the APA in water above 90[degrees]C [31].
Diaspore is primarily aluminum oxide-hydroxide and may contain other aluminum containing minerals such as bauxite, gibbsite, boehmite along with other minerals of the elements like chromium, iron, silicon, calcium, magnesium as the minor constituents [3].
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Occasionally, we found boehmite [[gamma]-AlO(OH)], characterized by three Raman peaks at 362, 495 and 675 [cm.sup.-1], the first being the most intense (Figure 10f).
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[12] results in which they found that SDBS can partially ionize in water and give anionic species, while the boehmite holds positive charges in a neural aqueous medium, showing a strong affinity for anionic groups.
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In lithofacies-1 (laterite / bauxite / kaolinite) the goethite, kaolinite, boehmite, gibbsite and dickite minerals may owe to insitu leaching of older rocks.
All ABx bauxites are free of the refractory, high-temperature monohydrate alumina mineral called boehmite and, equally importantly, the levels of the deleterious reactive silica are very low.