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TRIBUTE: The memorial to the men of Redcar who lost their lives in the Boer War 1899-1902
Some of the weapons from the Boer War period are enormous.
(31.) See De Wet, The Three Years War, 224; see also Pakenham The Boer War, 579.
If anything his experiences of the Second Boer War sharpened this realisation, and he pressed fellow anti-imperialists to accept the stark reality of imperial responsibility.
The Dalton envelope was among more than 400 rare Boer War envelopes and stamps lovingly assembled by the late Harry Birkhead who, until his death last year, was honorary life president of the Philatelic Federation of South Africa.
Among the medals were two Boer War medals which are of sentimental value.
That Second Boer War retains an impact on modern Birmingham.
Raymond Heron one of the bloodiest of all battles in the Boer War The view from the Spion Kop, at Anfield, as Liverpool fans cheer their side to victory
IN MEMORIAM: The memorial which was erected in the oldest part of Redcar Cemetery to honour victims of the Boer War. Now The Friends of Redcar Cemetery want to see it restored
The TA was formed on April 1 1908 after the Boer War had exposed weaknesses in the British Army, and they went on to play a vital role in the First World War and the conflicts since.
The medals were contained in a "Bronnley" soapbox, and include honours from the Sudan, Boer War, and First World War.
If you can help contact the care home on 029 2056 6000.: BADGES OF COURAGE FROM A BYGONE AGE:Medals for bravery from a Victorian campaign, the Boer War and from World War I.