Bogatyrev, Petr

Bogatyrev, Petr Grigor’evich


Born Jan 16 (28), 1893, in Saratov; died Aug. 18, 1971, in Moscow. Soviet folklorist, ethnographer, and theatrical scholar.

In 1918, Bogatyrev graduated from the historicalphilological faculty of Moscow University. He became a professor at Moscow University in 1940. His doctoral dissertation was on the Czech folk theater. Bogatyrev is a prominent collector of folklore. His principal works are devoted to the folk theater and to the specifics of folklore and its poetics. Magical Acts, Rituals, and Beliefs in Ciscarpathian Russia (Paris, 1929), The Czech and Slovak Folk Theater (Prague, 1940), and Slovak Epic Tales and Lyric-Epic Songs (“Zboinitskii Cycle,” 1962) are especially outstanding.


Voprosy teorii narodnogo iskusstva. Moscow, 1971.


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