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Boğazköy or Boghazkeui (bōäzˈköy), village, N central Turkey. Boğazköy (or Hattusas as it was called) was the chief center of the Hittite empire (1400–1200 B.C.), which was consolidated by Shubbiluliuma (fl. 1380 B.C.). Hugo Winckler found there (1906–7) the principal Hittite inscriptions on 10,000 tablets; this discovery greatly added to the knowledge of Hittite civilization. Among the impressive remains are huge fortifications, gates, and temples. Below this level, archaeologists have found levels of an earlier period. Nearby is the Hittite carved sanctuary of Yazilikaya. Boğazköy is by tradition the site of Pteria, where Croesus and Cyrus the Great fought an indecisive battle (546 B.C.). The name of the village is also written Boghazkoy.
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In 2011, the nearby Bogazkoy Museum added to its collection two Hittite Sphinxes, one of which had been taken to Germany "for repairs" 94 years earlier.
The German-Turkish battle for the Bogazkoy Sphinx resulted in a 2002 meeting wherein each party suggested that the other content itself with a replica--"neither proposal was accepted".
Bogazkoy tablets in the Archaeological Museum of Ankara II.
Those works of arts are mainly from the archaeological excavations in the mounds of Alacahoyuk, Bogazkoy, Ortakoy, Eskiyapar, Pazarli, Kussaray, Huseyindede and Alisar.
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Riemschneider, Die akkadischen und hethitischen Omentexte aus Bogazkoy [Dresden, 2004], xlviii) that the collections of haruspicy oracles found at Hattusa (CTH 548-56) arrived there via Hurrian intermediaries, as demonstrated by the extensive use in them of technical terms in the Hurrian language.
2: "Hattusa (modern Bogazkoy)": the village has been called Bogazkale since 1960.
Eine Beschworung der Unterirdischen aus Bogazkoy. ZA 54: 114-57.
Working with the Hurrian material from Bogazkoy is difficult, given the issues with the grammar and lexicon of this language that still remain.
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