Bogazköy Archive

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Boğazköy Archive


an archive found in the city of Boğazköy (in central Anatolia, Turkey), located on the site of the former capital of the Hittite state, the city of Hattushash. It contains over 15,000 clay cuneiform tablets, mostly written in the Hittite language; some texts with historical and political contents are in Akkadian, and fragments of ritual texts are in other ancient languages of Asia Minor (Luvian, Palá, Hattic, Hurrian). The Boğazköy archive includes the royal annals, chronicles, decrees, treaties, lists of rulers, diplomatic correspondence, deeds, codes of laws, court records, mythological and religious texts, astrological predictions, Sumero-Akkado-Hittite dictionaries, works on horse breeding, and other writings. The overwhelming majority of texts found in the Boğazköy archive belong to the New Hittite period (14th and 13th centuries B.C), and only a small number of them (including the early version of the laws) go back to the 17th and 16th centuries B.C.

The Boğazkoy archive was discovered and partially excavated by H. Winckler from 1906 to 1912; the studies are continuing.


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