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The name of the Moldavian rulers:

Bogdan I. First ruler of the independent Moldavian state (reigned 1359–65). A feudal lord of the Wallachians in Hungary, Bogdan I led a rebellion against the Hungarian king in 1359. During the course of the struggle he occupied the territory between the Carpathians and the Dnestr. In 1365 the Hungarian king was compelled to acknowledge the independence of the Moldavian principality with its capital in the city of Baia.

Bogdan II. Ruler from 1449 to 1451. He was of the Musat dynasty and was the father of Stephen the Great. He was murdered in 1451 by his brother Peter Áron, who seized the Moldavian throne.

Bogdan III. Ruler from 1504 to 1517. Son of Stephen the Great and the last ruler of the independent Moldavian state.


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