Bogdanovic, Bogdan

Bogdanović, Bogdan


Born Aug. 20, 1922, in Belgrade. Yugoslav architect. Graduated from the department of architecture of the University of Belgrade in 1950. He has been a professor there since 1965.

Bogdanović is an exponent and theoretician of the symbolicromantic trend in modern Yugoslav memorial architecture. He designed memorial complexes in honor of those who fell in the struggle with fascism in Belgrade (1958–59, in cooperation with the architect S. Lićina), Sremska Mitrovica (1959–60; October Prize, 1960), Kruševac (1960–65), Mostar (1960–65), the village of Jasenovac (1960–66; October Prize, 1966), and others. Bogdanović’s works are characterized by dynamic spatial composition, an organic relationship with the surrounding landscape, and a striving toward a generalized symbolic treatment of archaic, folk, and classical motifs.


Urbanistićke mitologeme. Belgrade, 1966.


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