Bogdanovich, Angel

The following article is from The Great Soviet Encyclopedia (1979). It might be outdated or ideologically biased.

Bogdanovich, Angel Ivanovich


Born Oct. 2 (14), 1860, in Gorodok, Vitebsk Province; died Mar. 24 (Apr. 6), 1907, in St. Petersburg. Russian journalist and critic. From a gentry family.

Bogdanovich began studying medicine at the University of Kiev in 1880; he was a member of a People’s Will group and carried on propaganda among workers. In 1883 he was exiled to Nizhnii Novgorod, where he became acquainted with V. G. Korolenko and began to publish in a number of regional publications. From 1887, Bogdanovich lived in Kazan’, where he edited the newspaper Volzhskii vestnik. In 1893 in St. Petersburg he became one of the organizers of the Populist group Narodnoe Pravo (People’s Right Party), whose program was set forth by Bogdanovich in the pamphlets Urgent Question (1894). In the early 1890’s he was a collaborator on the journal Russkoe bogatsvo. From 1894 until its closing in 1906, Bogdanovich edited the journal Mir bozhii, through which he called for the education of the broad strata of Russian society; he also defended democratic and realistic principles in Russian belleslettres. During the second half of the 1890’s he left the Populist movement and joined the “legal Marxists.” Bogdanovich became editor of the journal Sovremennyi mir in 1906.


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