Bogdanovich, Iurii

Bogdanovich, Iurii Nikolaevich


Born Apr. 1 (13), 1849, in the village of Nikol’skoe, Toropetsk District; died July 18 (30), 1888. Russian revolutionary. Member of the People’s Will. Of gentry origin.

In 1869, Bogdanovich worked as a land surveyor in Velikolutsk District; after several years he enrolled in the St. Petersburg Medical-Surgical Academy. From 1873 he carried on propaganda among the peasants of Samara Province. In 1876 he joined the Separatist group, which was attached to the Land and Liberty movement. On December 6 he took part in the Kazan Demonstration of 1876 in St. Petersburg and in preparations for the escape of prisoners. In 1880 he became a member of the executive committee of the People’s Will and an active participant in organizing the attempt on the life of Alexander II on Mar. 1, 1881. Bogdanovich attempted to rebuild the smashed People’s Will organization. He was arrested in 1882 and, in accordance with “trial procedure 17,” was sentenced to death; this was later changed to a life sentence of penal servitude. Bogdanovich died in the Shlissel’burg Fortress.