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see NoginskNoginsk
, city (1989 pop. 123,000), central European Russia, on the Klyazma River. It is a major textile center, processing cotton, silk, and wool. Founded in the 16th cent. as Rogozhi, the city was later called Bogorodsk; it was renamed Noginsk in 1930.
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, Russia.



a city (until 1923, a village) and the administrative center of Bogorodsk Raion, Gorky Oblast, RSFSR. It has a railroad station (Kozhevennoe) 43 km southwest of Gorky and 8 km from the Dudenevo landing pier on the Oka River. Bogorodsk is located on the Gorky-Murom highway. Population, 36,000(1967; 14,900 in 1926). Bogorodsk has been a center of the leather industry since the 17th century. The leading tanneries are named after Iurgens, Kalinin, Kashin, and Venetskii; there are also factories producing various leather articles and shoes. Other industry includes artificial leather crafts, a machine shop, a glue factory, a sewn goods and cordage combine, and a garment factory. Bogorodsk has a leather industry technicum and a medical school.


Gowda nashei oblasti. Gorky, 1969.



until 1930, the name of the city of Noginsk, Moscow Oblast, RSFSR.

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