Geo Bogza

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Bogza, Geo


Born Feb. 6, 1908, in Ploieşti. Rumanian writer; member of the Academy of the Socialist Republic of Rumania.

Bogza first published as a poet in 1927. In the early 1930’s he became a reporter, writing sketches devoted to working people and their fate. In 1936 he was in revolutionary Spain and published The Tragedy of the Basque People (1937), a cycle of sketches. He has written articles in defense of peace and democracy and against fascism and war, as well as sketches of new socialist Rumania and the progress of the Soviet people (Soviet Meridians, 1956). He was awarded the State Prize of the SRR.


Scrieri ¡n prozǎ, vols. 1–5. Bucharest, 1956–59.
In Russian translation:
In Rumynskie povesti i rasskazy, vol. 2. Moscow, 1959.


Elvin, B. Geo Bogza: Studiu critic. Bucharest, 1955.
Pop, I. “Geo Bogza, poet al revoltei.” Steaua, 1968, no. 1.


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The building lasts" (Bogza, Vrancea); "They say that man dies and the wall will live a long time" (Pufesti--Vrancea).
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A perfect example of such a type of discourse can be found in a Romanian writer, Geo Bogza, in a piece called "A woman is eating an apple:" "Was she eating?
Luca continua por ser descoberto na Romenia, assim como muitas outras imensas vozes das vanguardas romenas, como Geo Bogza, por exemplo, que continuam por ser redescobertas.
1, Caraion & Ierunca 1947; 1026 exemplars; contributions by Tudor Arghezi, Ion Barbu, Lucian Blaga, Geo Bogza, Andre Breton, Ion Caraion, Paul Celan, Cervantes, Petru Comarnescu, Robert Desnos, Mihai Eminescu, Sergey Iessenin, Zoltan Franyo, Benjamin Fondane, Jean Laforgue, Henri Michaux, Eugenio Montale, Christian Morgenstern, Alexandru Philippide, Alexander Puschkin, Salvatore Quasimodo, R.
Once poetas rumanos contemporaneos (Circulo de poesia / Conaculta, Puebla, 2010) es que estamos ante una poesia de fuerte contenido social, tal como enfatizan Geo Bogza y Eugen Jebeleanu.
The soprano Anda-Louise Bogza is a sought-after (and not only by Czech opera stages) singer of dramatic roles of the Italian repertoire.
The second adaptation is the very opposite: Mircea Daneliuc's sober Iacob / Jacob from 1988, a visionary and daring translation of some pages written by Geo Bogza. Daneliuc preserves the Belle Epoque decor, but the tone and atmosphere are clearly contemporary.
Going by a report in Bucharest daily Financiarul, Greek and Romanian business people seemed determined not to allow the reverse to continue, and Bancpost chairman Mihai Bogza told a business forum that his bank would continue to lend to SMEs that wanted to build bilateral trade ties.
At the height of his avant-gardism, in an issue of the journal Unu--which counted Victor Brauner as a faithful contributor--Geo Bogza said, "I like dreams for their subversiveness."