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The area of the Bohemian Forest was strongly affected by atmospheric deposition of sulphur and nitrogen compounds in the 20th century.
Country, cover or protection: what shapes the distribution of red deer and roe deer in the Bohemian Forest ecosystem?--PloS ONE 10: e0120960.
This worship has lasted until the present and Germans are very proud of their forest zones of international renown, such as the Black Forest, the Bavarian Forest, or the Bohemian Forest.
I miss my cottage in the Bohemian Forest. You can spend a lot of time in the area where I lived and not see anyone for weeks.
Back home I had a cottage in the Bohemian forest and I could get away from everybody.
* Not to be missed are the shades of plum, currant and moss of Bohemian Forest, which add an elemental and woodland style to your fashion dinnerware collection.
Our study was conducted during 2007-2009, mainly in the Czech part of the Bohemian Forest (48[degrees]55'-49[degrees]17'N, 13[degrees]13'-13[degrees]47'E) on the mountain range along the border between the Czech Republic and Germany.
The surrounding area was delimited into five catchments along the slopes of the Bohemian Forest Mts.
At lunch, we dine on Granny's pancake, old Bohemian garlic soup, Bohemian Forest duckling served with dumplings and cabbage.
Among the trends noted by Gibson are Bohemian Forest, full of elemental and woodland themes and warm colors such as plum, currant and moss.
In the Bohemian Forest, roe deer Capreolus capreolus is the main prey of the lynx (Heurich et al.