Bohumil Némec

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Némec, Bohumil


Born Mar. 12, 1873, in Prasek, near the city of Nový Bydžov; died Apr. 7, 1966, in Prague. Czech botanist. Academician of the Bohemian Academy of Sciences (1918; since 1952, the Czechoslovakian Academy of Sciences).

Němec graduated from the University of Prague in 1895. He subsequently taught at the university, becoming a professor there in 1903. In 1901 he founded the university’s Institute of Plant Anatomy, of which he was the director until 1938. Němec was one of the founders of experimental cytology. Much of his work was devoted to the influence of various factors on cell division. He also studied polyploidy, plant fertilization, the physiology of growth and irritability, tropisms, regeneration, mycology, phytopathology, the role of trace elements, and the history of botany. Němec was an honorary member of the Agricultural Academy of Sciences in Stockholm and of the Linnaean Society in London.


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