Boiadzhiev, Grigorii

Boiadzhiev, Grigorii Nersesovich


Born Mar. 1 (14), 1909, in Rostov-on-Don. Soviet theater scholar and critic. Doctor of art studies (1958) and professor (1960).

Boiadzhiev’s first works were published in 1929, and he graduated from the University of Rostov in 1930. His principal works are primarily devoted to the history of Western European, primarily French, and Soviet theater. Among them are A History of the Western European Theater From its Origins to 1789 (jointly with A. K. Dzhivelegov, 1941), Theatricality and Truth (1945), V. P. Maretskaia (1954), Theatrical Paris Today (1960), The Poetry of the Theater (1960), Moliere (1967), and From Sophocles to Brecht. . . (1969). He was one of the authors of the History of Western European Theater (vols. 1–4, 1956–64). Boiadzhev has been teaching at the State Institute of Theatrical Arts since 1932. He has been awarded the Badge of Honor and various medals.