Boiko, David Vasilevich

Boiko, David Vasil’evich


Born Aug. 14 (27), 1904, in the village of Letava, in present-day Chemerovets Raion. Chairman of the Lenin Kolkhoz in the village of Letava, in Chemerovets Raion, Khmel’nitskii Oblast, Ukrainian SSR (1938–41 and since 1944). Twice Hero of Socialist Labor (1948, 1958). Member of the CPSU since 1939. On the kolkhoz since 1923.

The Lenin Kolkhoz is a diversified and highly developed farm. In 1965 its harvest was 30.8 centners of grain crops and 278 centners of sugar beets per hectare; the corresponding figures for 1966 are 30.3 centners and 311 centners; and the figures for 1967 are 40.2 centners and 485 centners. Boiko was a delegate to the Twenty-First Congress of the CPSU in 1959. He has been awarded the Order of Lenin and the Order of the Red Banner of Labor.