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overall, overall dimension

A total outer dimension of a building material, including any projection, such as a tongue.
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Robert worked for Tees Marine Shotblasting Company Limited, which later became Rigblast Holding Limited, from around 1985 up until the early 1990s and would wear a blue boiler suit for work.
Daisy (who wins the award for most changes of outfit at a music festival) opted for utility chic in this khaki boiler suit, PS55 from Topshop, which she later unzipped to show off a lacy black bra.
They could not release the collar because he had locked it and hidden the key in his orange boiler suit.
BOILER POINT: Garda Leonard plans to don a boiler suit like those worn by Guantanamo Bay prisoners for his protest
Cilla was given a brand new boiler suit to wear and seemed to enjoy the visit," he said.
One of the men was described as wearing a blue boiler suit, with the other two wearing camou-flage clothing.
Cleveland Police this week put out an image of a boiler suit similar to the one worn by the attacker who left Teesside father Gerard Williams with a fractured skull, arms and legs.
The man, who was wearing a blue boiler suit and black balaclava, struck just before 1am.
Paramedic Katy Bowler, 29, who plays Calamity, said: "I often have to drive on unmade tracks and roads, therefore driving this vehicle in a green boiler suit could be likened to driving a stage coach wearing buckskins in the Wild West days of the 1860 to 70s.
When I first attended a sale years ago I learned the hard way from a pal who has plenty of money - I saw him looking rather down at heel in a boiler suit.
It's easy to panic about Avian flu - so seek proper medical advice before splashing out on a fancy boiler suit.
Bowman was flanked by his friend Jim Noble, who took great delight in joining the orange boiler suit brigade.