Boise project

Boise project,

in the Boise, Payette, and Snake river valleys, SW Idaho and E Oregon; developed in 1905 by the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation for irrigation, hydroelectricity, flood control, and recreation. The project has turned the area into major U.S. seed-producing and dairying regions. Anderson Ranch, Arrowrock, and Boise dams are the principal facilities of the project's Arrowrock division, located between the Snake and Boise rivers. The Payette division, between the Payette and Boise rivers, includes Black Canyon, Cascade, and Deadwood dams.
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The Boise project will include ground floor retail and structured parking, according to filings with Boise Planning & Development Services.
Half the funding in the Boise project is coming from private investors, he said, about 70 percent of whom were investors - mainly local - in the first inn.
In Mexico City, Undersecretary of Natural Resources Gonzalo Chapela worries about "the amount of wood this project will take out of the area," conceding that his ministry never looked very closely at the Boise project in the first place.
We were very excited about the Boise project, Safdie said.