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, city (1991 pop. 231,000), capital of Bukhara region, Uzbekistan, in the Zeravshan River valley. On the Shkhrud irrigation canal system, it is the center of a large cotton district and has textile mills as well as cotton-ginning industries and a large karakul skin
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, Uzbekistan.


, Bokhara
1. a city in S Uzbekistan. Pop.: 299 000 (2005 est.)
2. a former emirate of central Asia: a powerful kingdom and centre of Islam; became a territory of the Soviet Union (1920) and was divided between the former Uzbek, Tajik, and Turkmen Soviet Socialist Republics
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The technique was brought from Bokhara and preceded the introduction of the jacquard loom.
Tel: 01656 720212 WHILE tucked away down a country road, and requiring a keen eye to spot it when travelling in the dark, Bokhara Brasserie is an absolute gem you will be glad you made the effort of seeking out when you find it.
Independent food critic Roopa Gulati recently placed Bokhara Brasserie, which opened in 2001, in the top ten Indian restaurants in Britain Bokhara, means "warm oven" and was the dream restaurant of proprietor Vijay Bhagotra.
A timing device had been placed between chairs near Bokhara Restaurant, said police.
Roudaki was born in 858 CE in the Pandj-Rodak village near Pandjikent, a settlement between Samarkand and Bokhara (in Transoxiana, central Asia).
The prospect of gaining entry into the famous trading cities of Bokhara, Yarkand, Samarkand, and Lhasa along the old Silk Route was immensely alluring.
100-120 Hazara families have fled and made it safely from Afghanistan to foreign countries like Khurasan of Iran , Turkistan of Russia and Bokhara, Punjab in India and Baluchistan.
Early 1926, he was homeward bound, via Marv, Samarkand, Bokhara and Tashkent and thence across the Lurkoman steppes to Urals and Moscow.
Large red bokhara classic faux silk rug (195cmx 135cm), Argos.
Ibn al-Haytham embodied a 500-year period of educational and scientific discovery in the Arab World, known as the Golden Age of Learning, which saw Arab scholars - from Baghdad to Bokhara, Cairo and Cordoba - leading the world across science, medicine, philosophy and the arts.
At the end, like two good Bengalis, we had Aamsatta Khejoor Aloo Bokhara Chatni ( sweet chutney made with aam papad , dates and plum; ` 90) and the must- have Mishti Doi ( ` 60).
Originally silk came to Central Asian desert oasis towns like Bokhara, traditionally famous for ikat production, along the Silk Road from China.