Bolebalaev, Osmonkul

Bolebalaev, Osmonkul


Born April 1888 in the village of Chondaly, present-day Kant Raion; died Sept. 28, 1967, in Frunze. Soviet Kirghiz akyn (folk poet and singer). People’s Artist of the Kirghiz SSR (1942). Born into a peasant family.

In his youth, Bolebalaev composed lyric and epic lyric songs. After the October Revolution, civic motifs began to appear in Bolebalaev’s songs. His popular poems include Baatyr Cholponbai (1943), Ashimdzhan (1949), Narrative Poem About a Hero (1954), and Gul’shaiyr (1958). Bolebalaev was a talented performer of the narrative folk poems Kurmanbek and Kedeikan.


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In Russian translation:
In Antologiia kirgizskoi poezii. Moscow, 1957.
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