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Bolesław I the Brave. (Chrobry). Born 967; died 1025. Prince from 992 to 1025 and king in 1025. The son of Mieszko I. Boleslaw I waged wars against the Holy Roman Empire (periodically from 1003 to 1018), in the course of which Poland preserved its independence. Under his rule the unification of Polish lands was concluded. Boleslaw I achieved the organization of an independent archbishopric in Gniezno (1000). In 1018 he led a campaign on Kiev and temporarily held the Cherven cities.


Zakrzewski, S. Bolesław Chrobry Wielki. Lvov, 1925.
Bolestaw III the Wry-Mouthed. (Krzywousty). Born Aug. 20,1085; died Oct. 28,1138. Prince from 1102 to 1138. After a persistent struggle against his older brother Zbigniew and his ally Emperor Heinrich V of Germany, Boleslaw III achieved the unification of all of Poland under his rule. He reunited Eastern Pomerania (1116) and Western Pomerania (1123) with Poland, as well as part of the lands of the Liutichi. In 1138 he issued the so-called Statute of Bolestaw HI, according to which Poland was divided into sections among his sons.


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Silesia and Lesser Poland (Malopolska) were annexed by Mieszko or his son Boleslaus (Sedlar 1994: 20).
She was born in Worcester, a daughter of Boleslaus "Benjamin'' and Saturnina "Sadie'' (Trzaska) Pogorzelski.
In 1264, Duke Boleslaus The Pious of greater Poland introduced legislation, the "Act of Kalish," that rendered it illegal to slander Jews falsely with a blood libel.
Stanley's name also ironically links him to, but stresses his differences from, the patron saint of Poland, Stanislaus, the eleventh-century bishop martyred by King Boleslaus the Bold over disputed property claims; the king had appropriated land legitimately belonging to Holy Mother Church (Norman Davies, God's Playground: A History of Poland [NY: Columbia UP, 2005] 1:85).
5) In reference to William Boleslaus Makowski, History and Integration of Poles in Canada, (Niagara Peninsula: Canadian Polish Congress, 1967); William Boleslaus Makowski, The Polish People in Canada, (Montreal: Tundra, 1987); Reverend William C.
The historical Stanislaus was an eleventh-century bishop of Krak[acute{o}]w, who, according to legend, raised a man from the dead to testify on his behalf before King Boleslaus II.
At some time during his stay in Vienna between 25 March and 21 April 1869, Liszt requested through a mutual friend that Siemienski write an oratorio libretto on the legend of St Stanislaus, the eleventh-century Bishop of Krakow martyred by King Boleslaus II.
She was born in Worcester a daughter of Boleslaus and Anna (Szymonowicz) Karpowicz and has lived here all of her life.
Yes, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil; for you are with me" Psalms 23:4 Her husband of 52 years, Boleslaus "Bill" Baronsky died in 2001.
She was the daughter of Helen (Staskiewicz) and Boleslaus (William) Luksza, sisters Violet Vires, Helen Brule, brother Chester Luksza.
He was born in Worcester, the son of the late Boleslaus and Bridget (Plaszewski) Grzelecki.
She is predeceased by two brothers, Charles and Boleslaus Baronsky and one sister, Rose S.