Boleslav II

Boleslav II,

d. 999, duke of Bohemia (967–99), son and successor of Boleslav IBoleslav I
, d. 967, duke of Bohemia (929–67). He became duke by assassinating his elder brother, Duke Wenceslaus (see Wenceslaus, Saint). Although Boleslav was involved in constant warfare against the encroaching Germans, he was able to create a Bohemian state.
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. Continuing his father's policies, he largely completed the Christianization of Bohemia. In 973 he agreed to the establishment of the bishopric of Prague under the archbishop of Mainz, and in 993 he founded the first monastery in Bohemia. He supported his German overlords against Poland but also clashed with them in two wars. Boleslav strengthened his internal rule by eliminating princely rivals to his own Premyslide dynasty.
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