a city in southwestern Poland, in Wroclaw Województwo (province). Population, 29,500 (1968). The city has a ceramics industry. A new chemical combine is located near Boleslawiec; it is mainly engaged in the production of sulfuric acid from locally available anhydrite.

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The 43-year-old, originally from Boleslawiec in West Poland, admitted it was difficult to choose between his divided loyalties.
Another cluster (of cross-border character) named Via Sudetica operates in the southern part of Poland and is constituted around the product of Polish ceramic art of Boleslawiec Region and the most extraordinary tourism attraction concentrated along the historical route in the Sudety Mountains, joining three regions of Poland, Czech Republic and Germany.
Dalmata Agnieszka representing MKS Boleslavia Boleslawiec athletics club took first place with an 11.
Analysis of measurement data (1953-2007), considering the period without tectonic activity (with exception of the Boleslawiec area), has been made.
Names of such products are generally directly connected with the place where they are produced which can be illustrated by richness of Polish examples: Boleslawiec (name of porcelain and small town), Sopot Ceramics (products manufactured in a seaside resort Sopot), or Zywiec (beer from mountain region of Zywiec).
Blue Christianshavn Dinnerware by Dansk and The Signature Collection of Boleslawiec Polish Pottery from The Zanger Company
Practical superb-quality stoneware pitchers and tea and coffee sets (for instance, Polish Pottery that is hand-formed and hand-decorated using the punch technique, unique to Boleslawiec ceramics.
23, 1597, Bunzlau, Silesia [now Boleslawiec, Poland]--d.
Contract award notice: Supply of firefighting equipment - fire monitoring system in the forest inspectorate boleslawiec.
UNIKAT pottery is handmade and hand-decorated at a small factory in Boleslawiec, Poland.
1) The contract is for organizing and conducting group entrepreneurship courses in Boleslawiec, for 20 participants (2 groups of 10 people) of the project "Wake your potential - YEI" implemented by the Initiative for employment of young persons under the Operational Programme Knowledge Education Development.
B In Boleslawiec, Along With State Examinations For The Participants Of The Project Wake Your Potential - Yei In Lower Silesia.