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see Bulgars, EasternBulgars, Eastern
, Turkic-speaking people, who possessed a powerful state (10th–14th cent.) at the confluence of the Volga and the Kama, E European Russia. The Bulgars appeared on the Middle Volga by the 8th cent. and became known as the Eastern, Volga, or Kama Bulgars.
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By the 10th century, Islam was entrenched as demonstrated by Volga Bolgar Khanate's declaring Islam to be the state religion.
White PS et al say that high frequency of CT abnormality in normal subjects (Havas et al 1988, Bolgar et al 1991) and the significant radiation dose (Maclennan 1995) makes the use of CT as a diagnostic investigation inappropriate.
The debate featured Hedi Ben Mlouka (CEO of Duet MENA) and Bishoy Azmi (CEO, Al-Shafar General Contracting) arguing in the affirmative, while Ashraf El Ansary (CIO, Exante) and Catherine Bolgar (former managing editor of Wall Street Journal Europe) argued an escape was unlikely.
The debate featured Hedi Ben Mlouka CEO of Duet MENA, and Bishoy Azmi CEO of Al-Shafar General Contracting, arguing in the affirmative; while Ashraf El AnsaryCIO of Exante, and Catherine Bolgar former managing editor of Wall Street Journal Europe, argued an escape was unlikely.
Tsar of Kazan and Astrakhan, Sovereign and Grand Prince of Pskov, Smolensk, Tver', Iugora, Perm', Viatka, Bolgar, and others, Sovereign and Grand Prince of the Novgorod lower lands, of Chernigov, of Riazan', of Polotsk, of Rostov, of Obdora, of Kondinsk, Commander (povelitel') of all the Siberian lands and northern countries, and Sovereign and Possessor (obladitel') of many other realms.
Catherine Bolgar, Country Counts on Renewable Energy as an Economic Growth Driver, WALL ST.
Bolgar Historical and Archaeological Complex in Russian Federation lies on the shores of the Volga river, south of its confluence with the river Kama, and south of the capital of Tatarstan, Kazan.
Five of the above sites had already been considered for inscription in the past: Hill Forts of Rajasthan, (India); Al Zubarah Archaeological Site, (Qatar); Historic Monuments and Sites in Kaesong, (Democratic People's Republic of Korea); Bolgar Historical and Archaeological Complex, (Russian Federation); Tajik National Park, (Tajikistan).
Putin visits Bolgar city were the Tatar's has accepted the Islam as a religion there
17) "As there indicated, the basic obstacles, aside from the existence of domestic civil law institutions analogous to trusts, are: first and chiefly, that the principle of indivision of property, supposed to be fundamental in the Roman legal system and therefore presumptively also in modern civil law, precludes acceptance of an institution, such as that of the trust, by which property is divided into legal and equitable rights; and, secondarily, that the principle of registration of interests in property necessitates a numerusclausus of rights in rem, limited to the categories received in the modern codes and not including even traditional rights involved in fiduciary arrangement": VERA BOLGAR.
The next day we were taken on a tour of the historic sites in the city of Bolgar on the outskirts of Kazan where Islam became the state religion in 922.