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see fireballfireball,
very bright meteor leaving a trail in the sky that can remain visible for several minutes; often a distinct sound, perhaps caused by very low frequency radio waves, is associated with it.
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(boh -lÿd) A brilliant meteor that appears to explode, i.e. a detonating fireball. The brighter ones are caused by ablating meteorites that subsequently fall to Earth. About 5000 bolides occur in the Earth's atmosphere each year.



a bright meteor with pronounced angular dimensions. The most brilliant bolides may be visible even in daylight; at night, the mantle and the tail are visible. Bolides leave a trail of ionizing gases and dust. The flight of a bolide may be accompanied by acoustic phenomena and sometimes terminates in the fall of a meteorite.


A brilliant meteor, especially one which explodes; a detonating fireball meteor.
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Metso is, without a doubt, the number one partner for Boliden in the Aitik concentrator.
Boliden will pay $US95 million for the assets, and along with adjustments for working capital, net debt and net capital expenditure during settlement, the deal would amount to a total of $US100 million ($106 million).
Boliden has a total of approximately 4,800 employees and an annual turnover of approximately SEK 40 billion.
Contact: Jan Johansson, President and Chief Executive Officer, Telephone: (46) 8-610-1500; Investor Relations Department, Boliden AB, Telephone: (46) 8-610-1557
Exploration work has been conducted in the Boliden Area, Bergslagen, Norrbotten, Vasternorrland, and along the edge of the Caledonian front, over and above the mine site exploration that is carried out in all mining areas.
Sven joins Boliden from Kinneviks forest company Korsnas where he held the position of Business Segment Director.
That is an appropriate time for me to step down and will give the board adequate time to find a new chief executive officer to lead the new Boliden.
Since then, 75 core drill holes and nearly 30,000 meters of drilling has been performed in the area, which means that Boliden now can classify Laver as an inferred mineral resource.
Consistent with its recently announced capital management program, Boliden has advised Apirsa that it is not prepared to make any further investments in Apirsa, including financing the pit 3 pushback.
However, the quarter has not been a dramatic one as far as Boliden is concerned: Production levels have been stable, and our expansion projects are proceeding according to plan.
TORONTO/STOCKHOLM, Sweden, March 31 /CNW-PRN/ - Boliden Limited today announced that it has completed its U.