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The festive red seating was designed by Bolles + Wilson.
John Harvey Adamson, now in the federal witness protection program, confessed to the bombing and claimed the killing was ordered by wealthy liquor wholesaler Kemper Marley Sr., who was thrown off the state horse-racing commission as a result of Bolles' reporting.
Bolles' point was echoed by many other editors at the recent Interactive Newspapers '95 Conference sponsored by the Kelsey Group, Editor & Publisher Co.
The four American journalists killed include Bolles; radio talk-show host Alan Berg; Maurice Williams, who was killed while covering the armed takeover of buildings in Washington; and free-lance journalist Danny Casolaro.
According to Adamson, Dunlap wanted Bolles killed as a favor to Kemper Marley, one of Arizona's richest and most powerful figures and another target of Don's exposes.
Bolles. 'With his departure and the resignation of Molly Hemmeter in May, we've been given the opportunity to add new talent and depth of experience to our board of directors to support Landec's short-term and long-term financial goals.'
Long before punk rock, he was doing that," Bolles told ( TMZ.
Leo Joseph Bolles, MD, born March 10, 1921, died peacefully in his home on the night of March 15, 2015, surrounded by his friends and family.
According to author Thomas Peele, Bailey was "the first reporter slain in the United States in pursuit of a domestic story since 1976, when Don Bolles of the Arizona Republic died in a car bombing." (See "Recalling the Arizona Project," August/September 2008.)
Bolles, an author who has a blog that also discusses language origins, uses the idea of museum galleries that display scenes and characters to illustrate the origins of speech, beginning with the last common ancestor people share with chimpanzees (about six million years ago) to the first storytellers (about 150,000 years ago).
Julia Bolles and Peter Wilson founded their German office with the much loved Munster City Library, one of the most outstanding and memorable buildings of the 1990s (AR February 1994).
Richard Nelson Bolles is the author of What Color Is Your Parachute?