Bolstad, Øivind

Bolstad, Øivind


Born Feb. 1, 1905, in Vardö. Norwegian writer; Communist.

Bolstad was first published in the 1930’s. In the play The Patriots (1939; Russian translation, 1957) he predicted the occupation of Norway by theGerman fascists. Bolstad is the author of social works drawn from contemporary life, including the novels The Profiteer (1947; Russian translation, 1948) and The Red Begonia (1947; Russian translation, 1964). In several works Bolstad turns to the national past (The Saga of Norwegian Colonies in Greenland, 1945; The Testament of Old Winckel, 1949) and Norwegian folklore (the collection of short stories The Scoffer From Toska Island, 1955; Russian translation, 1963).


In Russian translation:
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