Bondarin, Sergei

Bondarin, Sergei Aleksandrovich


Born Jan. 14 (27), 1903, in Odessa. Soviet Russian writer.

Bondarin graduated from the Institute of the National Economy in 1929. His works first appeared in print in 1922. He has written much about children and the forming of character in youth—for example, in Dyndyp From Dur-gun-Khotok Valley (1931), a novella of the childhood of a Mongolian Pioneer, and in the autobiographical book A Novella for My Son (1935). Bondarin was a participant in the Great Patriotic War and dealt with the life of sailors in combat in the novellas We Shall Make a Landing (1955) and Vania Zolushkin (1957) and in short stories. He wrote a book of reminiscences about writers entitled A Grape Cluster (1964).


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