Bone, Eleanor "Ray"

Bone, Eleanor "Ray"

(religion, spiritualism, and occult)

A High Priestess to Gerald Gardner, initiated in the late 1950s. Her Craft name (see Initiation) is Artemis. For some years Mrs. Bone ran a home for old people in south London. She developed two covens, one in Tooting Bec, London, and the other in Cumbria. In the early 1960s, she was often quoted in the press and did a lot to promote understanding of the Craft. A spate of sensational and defamatory stories in the press caused Ray Bone to take on the role of Craft information officer, commenting on such things as people claiming to be "Queen of the Witches" or "King of the Witches"; non-existent titles in Wicca.

Ray Bone is considered an authority on curses though, as a Witch, she does not use such a power. Some few years after Gerald Gardner's death, in 1964, and burial in Tunis, she learned that the cemetery where his body lay was to be redeveloped. She organized a collection among British Witches and arranged for his remains to be moved to another cemetery.


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