Bonner, James

Bonner, James (Frederick)

(1910–  ) molecular biologist; born in Ansley, Nebr. He was a National Research Council fellow in Switzerland (1934–35), then joined the California Institute of Technology (1936–81). His early research on ribosomes (1950s) led to his major contributions to studies of messenger RNA. Using dormant potato buds, he demonstrated that repressed genes can be "derepressed" by removing their chromosomes' histone protein covering. He was a prolific author of scientific papers, texts on plant physiology and biochemistry, and books on the future of plant physiology and molecular biology.
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Full-back Gary Croft is suspended and will miss the games at Derby and West Bromwich Albion, but City had Mark Bonner, James Collins, Gavin Gordon and Scott Young outside the 16 for the goalless draw against Forest.
EIGHT-GOAL WINNERS: The Nuneaton Boys Panthers (back row, from left): Dave Charnley, Jake O'Connor, Bradley Marshall, Grant Rumble, Andrew Painter, Ashley Bonner, James Cauldwell, Benjamin Cauldwell, Tony Payne.
Andy Legg, now on the mend from his hamstring injury, is also likely to figure against Exeter along with goalkeeper Martyn Margetson, Des Hamilton, Andy Campbell, Leo Fortune-West, Mark Bonner, James Collins and Chris Barker.