Bonney, William H.

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Bonney, William H. (“Billy the Kid”)

(1859–81) outlaw, murderer; born in New York City. Moving with his family to Coffeyville, Kans. (1862), Colorado, and Silver City, N.M. (1868), Bonney allegedly killed his first man at age twelve. After killing three Indians in Arizona (1876) and rampaging throughout the Southwest and Mexico, he led a faction in New Mexico's notorious "Lincoln County [cattle] War" (1878), and killed Sheriff Jim Brady. He continued killing and committing cattle theft with his followers until he was captured and sentenced to hang for Brady's death (1880). He escaped under heavy guard, killing two deputies, and remained at large until fatally shot by Sheriff Pat F. Garrett in Fort Sumner, N.M. (1881).
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Junior 60cm Open Championship winner: Leah Harrison, Bowes Tokyo Drift Junior 80cm Open Championship winner: Chloe Bonney, Bowes Miami Tutti Frutti Junior 95cm Open Championship Winner: Jessie Brown, Bowes Semtex Junior 1.
Bonney believes the reason for the differences in men's and women's priorities is time spent in the home.
Patrolman Bonney said she worked with Police Chief Dennis J.
Bonney returned to England in 1881, following his terminally ill brother's departure, making a final photographic series before he left on a journey to gold-diggings at Mount Browne.
Bonney, who according to legend shot dead 21 people -- one for each year of his life -- was himself killed by a town sheriff in New Mexico in July 1881.
Bonney came to the Vikings after the takeover of current owner, local businessman Steve O'Connor who paid tribute to his contribution.
Mr Bonney, who visited the firefighters' families yesterday, said colleagues were "devastated" on a "tragic day" for his brigade.
All Stars, who recruited two Kerala State Players for this tournament, Bonney and Rahul, opened a six-point lead in the first quarter to lead 26-20.
On 65 minutes, the breakthrough came when a defensive clearance fell to Bonney and she hit a first-time shot from 25 yards into the net.
Each edition of The Courier-Herald reaches about 31,000 homes and is distributed free to readers from Black Diamond to Bonney Lake, communities about 40 miles southeast of Seattle.
If you would like to share your views on the lack of funding and local facilities available, then please contact me at D M Bonney, PO Box 139, CF63 9BD.
To quote the review of the hardcover in KLIATT, May 2005: Honey-tongued sharpshooter Billy Bonney Jr.