Bonney, William H.

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Bonney, William H. (“Billy the Kid”)

(1859–81) outlaw, murderer; born in New York City. Moving with his family to Coffeyville, Kans. (1862), Colorado, and Silver City, N.M. (1868), Bonney allegedly killed his first man at age twelve. After killing three Indians in Arizona (1876) and rampaging throughout the Southwest and Mexico, he led a faction in New Mexico's notorious "Lincoln County [cattle] War" (1878), and killed Sheriff Jim Brady. He continued killing and committing cattle theft with his followers until he was captured and sentenced to hang for Brady's death (1880). He escaped under heavy guard, killing two deputies, and remained at large until fatally shot by Sheriff Pat F. Garrett in Fort Sumner, N.M. (1881).
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LOCAL WINNERS AT NATIONAL CASHJUMPING CHAMPIONSHIPS National Junior 65cm Championship Final Winner: Leah Harrison, Bowes Tokyo Drift National Junior 70cm Championship Final Winner: Chloe Bonney, Bowes Miami Tutti Frutti National Junior 75cm Championship Final winner: Jessie Brown, Bowes Cemtex National Junior 80cm Championship Final Winner: Leah Harrison, Bowes Tokyo Drift National Junior 85cm Championship Final Winner: Jessie Brown, Bowes Semtex National Junior 90cm Championship Final winner: Morgan Gallagher National Junior 1.
The Bonney Read members spent March 6 at GK Telus in Quezon City, where it conducted a short music workshop with Sibol preschool kids assisted by Joomajam and GK Sitio Pajo.
Firstly, there is Seldon, who is dealing with the death of his mother; Bingham uses Klyde and Bonney to show how to relate to a truly grieving friend.
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This transaction is also an important step towards achieving Cubist's Building Blocks of Growth and continuing our track record of driving shareholder value over the long term, added Bonney.
On the other hand, Bonney said that men tend to have more of a technological, outdoors focus, with big barbecues, benches and built-in outdoor kitchens on their wish list.
Patrolman Bonney said she worked with Police Chief Dennis J.
Most useful are the three classes of PPSR, identified by Bonney et al.
I can tell you anecdotally we're hearing from many businesses that it has been a solid summer for Anchorage," said Bonney.
Bonney returned to England in 1881, following his terminally ill brother's departure, making a final photographic series before he left on a journey to gold-diggings at Mount Browne.
It was not clear what Koch might do with the 5-by-8-centimeter tintype -- the only known adult portrait of the legendary outlaw known as William Bonney, Henry Antrim, Henry McCarty or just "the Kid.
Bonney, Hive Management (1990) and Beekeeping: A Practical Guide (1993).