François Bonivard

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Bonivard, François


Born February 1493; died toward the end of 1570. Swiss political figure; humanist. From a noble Savoy family.

In 1514, Bonivard became prior of the St. Victor Abbey near Geneva. He took part in the struggle of the townspeople of Geneva against the Savoy duke Charles III, for which he was imprisoned in the underground dungeon of Chillon in 1530. (Bonivard is the prototype of Byron’s “The Prisoner of Chillón.”) In March 1536, Bonivard was liberated by the insurgents of Bern.

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They had been talking of Bonnivard, as they glided past Chillon, and of Rousseau, as they looked up at Clarens, where he wrote his Heloise.
I had always had a deep and reverent compassion for the sufferings of the "prisoner of Chillon," whose story Byron had told in such moving verse; so I took the steamer and made pilgrimage to the dungeons of the Castle of Chillon, to see the place where poor Bonnivard endured his dreary captivity three hundred years ago.
the market for the provision, installation, maintenance and the maintenance of two toilets, one in a local street Bonnivard to the public Halles, the other outside Marcon square for the public sector Place d~Italie.
1), possibly by Godefroy and Jacquelin de Montlucon and clearly dated 1482, which was commissioned by Pierre Bonnivard and Jeanne de Mareschal de Combefort.