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Cape. a peninsula of NE Tunisia


(From "Bonnie", Ken Thompson's wife) A language designed by Ken Thompson and later revised by him to produce B.

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All in all, there is no indication for a drastic reform or radical change by modern bonpo masters and savants of older understandings of dKar ru grub dbang and Khyung sprul Rin po che of the sites, as Vitali concludes.
2) A bonpo nunnery affiliated to Menri Monastery, H.
Reflections on Territory and Identity among the Bonpo Community in Phoksumdo, Dolpo," in Territory and Identity in Tibet and the Himalayas, ed.
13), 150-51; idem, "A Comparative Study of the yul lha Cult in Two Bonpo Areas and Its Cosmological Aspects" (orig.