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Cape. a peninsula of NE Tunisia


(From "Bonnie", Ken Thompson's wife) A language designed by Ken Thompson and later revised by him to produce B.

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dans de bon vieux temps = in the good old days; corbeille = wedding presents from a bridegroom; trousseau = wedding outfit}
President and CEO, Cinema Esperanca International Mon oncle Antoine Goin' down the Road Les Bons Debarras The Apprenticeship of Duddy Kravitz Les Ordres J.
Film critic, Sequences Le Declin de l'empire americain Les Bons Debarras A Chairy Tale The Sweet Hereafter Pour la suite du monde A tout prendre The Grey Fox J.
We'll take melted Bon Bons over clogged arteries any day.
The company's dedication to total skincare, as well as to its New Orleans community, is reflected in the release of the new Planet Beach Bon Temps Rouler product line.
The Bon Temps Rouler products all feature StriviFirm(TM), a revolutionary ingredient clinically proven to dramatically improve skin smoothness, decrease wrinkle depth, and increase collagen and elastin.
We didn't test Au Bon Pain's other low-fat muffins, but their numbers are probably as good.
AU BON PAIN Blueberry Muffin (430 calories & 1;3 grams of fat--4 of them saturated or trans).
Currently, SDS provides conversion services for the following Bon Secours facilities:
Out of this unpretentious, simple white kitchen - a larger, overgrown version of what you might find in a typical home - come all those fabulous, chic creations photographed and splashed across the slick pages of Bon Appetit.
Agility is providing tracking and management services for critical mobile medical equipment for three Bon Secours Richmond hospitals under a five-year service fee arrangement.
According to Seamus O'Brien, laboratory services manager and head of the procurement team at Bon Secours, "CoPathPlus offers value-added histology and cytology capabilities as well as a new graphical interface and custom workflow tools.