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'Ayan, pati sa kabila (There, as well as on the other side [of your eye area].),' answered Forteza, pointing the locations of the eye boogers.
Was Molly afraid of the booger? She sometimes worried that it might be a rabies vector, but Stella
<BMarco Boogers makes one of English football's most infamous debuts as, seconds after coming on to make his first appearance for West Ham United on August 23, 1995, he is sent off for a dangerous challenge on Manchester United's Gary Neville.
"Yes, now your booger's trying to eat you!" replies his distressed dad.
Marco Boogers went missing after being sent off for an awful foul on Gary Neville and resurfaced three weeks later hiding in a Dutch caravan park insisting: "I'm not mental".
his booger box gets bigger." I agreed to only one reference to nasal mucus as "boogers," and that line occurred on page 7.
'I'm sneezing up a storm and I don't want to get boogers on my keyboard.'
If you're like most kids, you love talking about body functions--farts, vomit, pus, feces (more commonly referred to as "poop"), and boogers. Author Jeff Szpirglas explores these revolting topics and more in Gross Universe: Your Guide to Aft Disgusting Things Under the Sun (Maple Tree Press, distributed in the United States by Firefly Books Ltd.).
For example, "Virgo: Your boogers will grow legs and walk about on your face." Much of the humor is earthy.
Write about boogers and Spontaneously Exploding Underpants, which I think we all agree is an excellent name for a rock band--but Dave Barry might not appreciate it.
He formed a prolific partnership with Markus Boogers, once of West Ham, and is now looking forward to achieving his full potential in Scotland.
Or the Dutch deadbeat Redknapp insists still competes with Raducioiu for the mantle of his worst-ever foreign signing - the incomparable, yet still almost unknown, Marco "Bonkers" Boogers.