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To my astonishment it was none other than my strange old book collector, his sharp, wizened face peering out from a frame of white hair, and his precious volumes, a dozen of them at least, wedged under his right arm.
The copy was bought by a specialist book collector for PS7,200 following a bidding war.
David Feela, retired from a 27 year teaching career, works as a poet, freelance columnist, and thrift store book collector. He earned an MFA from Vermont College, with undergraduate degrees from St.
Antiquarian book collector Jim Spencer said: "I came across it while I was cataloguing a box of ciga-rette cards.
ANTIQUE BOOK COLLECTOR: Laurens R Hesselink, the owner of Antiquariaat Forum, has been coming to Doha to take part in Doha International Book Fair for the last eight years.
because I have been avid comic book collector since the early 90's!
SHARJAH: If you're a book collector and wondering what you could pick at the Sharjah International Book Fair (SIBF) 2018 this year then these mini books are something you can check out.
Essays explore the life and work of Israeli-Jewish intellectual Scholem (1897-1982) in terms of a researcher of Jewish mysticism; philosophical context and literary and cultural connections; biographical portraits; and the librarian, book collector, and library owner.
HJohn Lane 1854-1925 was a book collector. In 1887, he opened The Bodley Head secondhand bookshop in Vigo Street off London's Regent Street, and published books under the shop's name.
Tom was an avid reader and book collector. His personal library focused on non-fiction books and books on obscure and unique topics.
Down and Out in Purgatory: The Collected Stories of Tim Powers (9781481482790 $25.00) collects some twenty sci-fi and supernatural tales under one cover, from stories of psychic handymen who tweaks the Bible for his clients to a time travel adventure in which the discovery of an old book leads a book collector back in time to prevent future doom.
100 Things Batman Fans Should Know & Do Before They Die is the ultimate resource for true fans, whether you're a comic book collector, an aficionado of Christopher Nolan's films, or both!