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Wisdom of Solomon



early Jewish book included in the SeptuagintSeptuagint
[Lat.,=70], oldest extant Greek translation of the Hebrew Bible made by Hellenistic Jews, possibly from Alexandria, c.250 B.C. Legend, according to the fictional letter of Aristeas, records that it was done in 72 days by 72 translators for Ptolemy Philadelphus, which
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 and the VulgateVulgate
[Lat. Vulgata editio=common edition], most ancient extant version of the whole Christian Bible. Its name derives from a 13th-century reference to it as the "editio vulgata." The official Latin version of the Roman Catholic Church, it was prepared c.A.D.
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 but not in the Hebrew Bible. The book opens with an exhortation to seek wisdom, followed by a statement on worldly attitudes. Chapter 3 is an eloquent passage on the immortality of the just and the rewards of the wicked, amplified in the next chapters. Then follows another exhortation and a transition to a section praising wisdom, ending with a prayer for it. The remainder of the book is a history of God's care of the Jews from the beginning, with a long parenthesis on the natural origin of idolatry and its folly. The style and content of the book lend themselves to quotation; for example, St. PaulPaul, Saint,
d. A.D. 64? or 67?, the apostle to the Gentiles, b. Tarsus, Asia Minor. He was a Jew. His father was a Roman citizen, probably of some means, and Paul was a tentmaker by trade. His Jewish name was Saul.
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's letters allude to passages from Wisdom. The book is probably of Alexandrian Jewish authorship—most scholars place the date in the two centuries before Jesus. Some see in it a composite work of three parts: chapters 1–6, 7–9, and 10–19, of which the third is said to resemble a PassoverPassover,
in Judaism, one of the most important and elaborate of religious festivals. Its celebration begins on the evening of the 14th of Nisan (first month of the religious calendar, corresponding to March–April) and lasts seven days in Israel, eight days in the Diaspora
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 Haggada. It is the paragon of what is called wisdom literature, a term for the Jewish philosophical writings of the pre-Christian era. The following books of the Hebrew Bible also represent this type: Job, Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, and Sirach.


See D. Winston, The Wisdom of Solomon (1979). See also under Old Testament ApocryphaApocrypha
[Gr.,=hidden things], term signifying a collection of early Jewish writings excluded from the canon of the Hebrew scriptures. It is not clear why the term was chosen.
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In fact, in this testament he describes learning his alchemy from a book of wisdom of "Abraham the Jew.
The readings, taken from The Letter of St Paul to the Romans and The Book of Wisdom, were read by Viscount Anson and John Braithwaite, a tenant farmer.
How on earth does one counter the terminal paternalism articulated in The Eskimo Book of Knowledge, published by the Hudson's Bay Company in 1931, and The Book of Wisdom for Eskimo, published by Canada's Department of Mines and Resources in 1947?
Mark, the city's patron, and so can also stand for Venice itself In the biblical book of Wisdom, Divine Wisdom is personified seated on the lion-throne of Solomon, and lions flanking a throne thus signify her.
Instead, I found the Bible to be a supernatural book of wisdom, hope, love and forgiveness beyond anything I had ever known previously.
So, I won't write the little book of wisdom about doing business in the electronic age.
For his funeral, Cardinal Hume chose a reading from the Book of Wisdom (Chapter 13, verses 1-9).
Kelleway's great friend and riding colleague, David Mould, gave a reading from the Book of Wisdom and another from the first Epistle of St John.
One may wonder at this point whether late-medieval Latin texts not analysed here might show a different picture - Bromyard's Summa praedicantium, for instance (under Mots and Pena), or Holcot's lectures on the Book of Wisdom (lecture 30 in the reprinted edition of Hagenau 1490), or Thomas Brinton's sermons (e.
The Will to Lead is a book of wisdom and reflection that will strike a chord among managers who aspire to be leaders.
EcclesiastesHebrew Qohelet ("Preacher") An Old Testament book of wisdom literature that is placed in the third section of the biblical canon, known as the Ketuvim (Writings).
The Muratorian fragment is potentially an important witness to early assessment of the book of Wisdom.