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(computer science)
A scalar declaration in ALGOL defining variables similar to FORTRAN's logical variables.


(mathematics, logic)
1. Boolean algebra.

<programming> 2. (bool) The type of an expression with two possible values, "true" and "false". Also, a variable of Boolean type or a function with Boolean arguments or result. The most common Boolean functions are AND, OR and NOT.
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Libraries could instead save millions of dollars by discontinuing subscriptions to these databases, and focus on teaching researchers how to effectively search Google Scholar or how to use Siri to find biographic information for your researcher paper instead of how to develop an advanced search strategy using Boolean logic to find literature in a database that is complex and difficult to use.
The Boolean model can be directly used for berry number estimation, but the ROI must be defined so that the concentration of particles is similar on it.
Whenever the shape of burnt grain is needed, the shape can be easily obtained by applying a Boolean operation, that is, subtracting the produced flame domain from the unburnt grain (see Figure 3).
Section 3 provides the basic concepts of interpolative Boolean algebra.
In 1988, Xiao and Massey introduced (by using properties of Walsh spectra) the notion of correlation immunity as an important cryptographic measure of a Boolean function with respect to its resistance against the correlation attack (which can be seen as solving a system of multivariate linear equations) [7].
Generally speaking, Boolean dynamic modeling of regulatory network follows three steps: (1) reconstructing the network; (2) identifying Boolean functions from the network topological structure; (3) analyzing the dynamics of the system with or without node perturbations.
To solve the problem, we propose a solution to perform secure boolean adjacent vertex search over encrypted graph data in cloud computing (BASG).
This tip is particularly important when a phrase includes one of the and, or, not Boolean connectors.
Second major characteristic is, by default PubMed adds Boolean operators into user queries and uses automatic term mapping (ATM).
The way we use Boolean values in our error check sheet is to store the test results.