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(computer science)
A scalar declaration in ALGOL defining variables similar to FORTRAN's logical variables.


(mathematics, logic)
1. Boolean algebra.

<programming> 2. (bool) The type of an expression with two possible values, "true" and "false". Also, a variable of Boolean type or a function with Boolean arguments or result. The most common Boolean functions are AND, OR and NOT.
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It was not sensitive on an eventually wrong choice of the random prototype of the Boolean model (the primary grain of the Boolean model).
To solve the problem, we propose a solution to perform secure boolean adjacent vertex search over encrypted graph data in cloud computing (BASG).
PubMed searches can be refined by using multiple search terms connected by Boolean operators: AND, OR, and NOT.
1) [Convert the transaction database D to Boolean matrix DB]
Foster, The idempotent elements of a commutative ring form a Boolean Algebra, Duke math.
In this study, there are two main phases involved: firstly, a new transactional data representation scheme in the Boolean matrix form is proposed to help us to generate N- frequentitemset, and secondly the improvement to get association rules for the proposed Apriori algorithm, because of its efficiency to detect the last frequent itemsets.
After a brief reminder on the Boolean model, this problem is investigated.
We then define TSSCPPs and give bijections with non-intersecting lattice paths and new objects we call boolean triangles.
Interactive Visualization of the Boolean Information Retrieval Model
The crisp set and Boolean logic approach as presented by Ragin (1987) and others (Alasuutari, 1995) is based on the qualitative tradition of focusing on cases and conditions within the cases and then using Boolean algebra to look at all the configuration of conditions to test relationships with specific outcomes.
Black-and-white diagrams and boolean logic symbols help drive the precepts home, though Artificial Intelligence For Computer Games does not contain any computer code per se--this is a manual of basic techniques that can generalize to any programming system.